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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Buy Leads?

Buying Leads with us is very easy, you can place your order in our Chatbox or you can simply email us at And we will proceed your order.

How Can I Pay for Leads ?

You can pay by USDT (TRC20) / ETH or BTC.
USDT :  THPyG4DBAKzsGmFmu2Nzk1DUcVvAQef1iA
ETH : 0xcDCA0a8eA9963aC374b09175f7Bb59ba22922D13
BTC : bc1q8ecrnsfpquwpkannccd9vm2vh75kp3jksy0feg

What If I found any bad or duplicate Lead ?

All the Leads are Double-Opt In Leads, so they are verified by OTP in both Email and SMS. Even then if you find any bad or duplicate Leads we will replace it within 30 days of order.

Can I buy Depositors/FTDs ?

Yes, we offer both Leads and Depositors to our clients directly from running Live Ads. We use our own funnels to generate high quality targeted leads and FTDs.

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